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Tecno N3 Review – The Cheapest Androids Among Us

Tecno N3 as you may already have known, is one of the cheapest Android smartphones out there. Running on Android 2.3.6 (Gingerbread) and manufactured in a country where most of the leading smartphones in the markets today are are also being produced — China, save that you rather see a “Made In USA” and “Made In Canada” marks on iPhones and Blackberrys et al, rather than “Made In China” where most parts of these phones were actually made — the Tecno N3 is one of the cheapest Android phones in the market, priced at less than $100 USD for a factory-unlocked version.
tecno n3
While Android is sure the most popular and one of the best mobile OSs around today, not every Android phone can be easily associated with ‘good’ in terms of both  hardware and software, without turning heads. Needless to call names there are lots of devices out there that I am pretty sure the manufacturers aren’t proud of, with that let’s take a look at some of the key features of the Tecno N3.

Tecno N3 Key Features

-Android 2.3.6(codename: Gingerbread) operating system
-512 MB of RAM
-Storage expandable with up to 32 GB sdCard
-Dual SIM slots
-3G or 2G for the first SIM slot and 2G for second SIM slot
-Preloaded with some essential apps. like DX Battery Saver, Opera Mini and KJV Bilble and Dictionary
-3.5 inch LCD display, scratch resistant and shatter proof
-3.0 megapixel VGA camera
-1400 mHa Li-Ion battery
To view the full features of this phone go to Tecno N3 Specifications And Features

Needless to say, Tecno N3 is a sure killer when it comes to pricing, selling for an average of $96 USD for a factory unlocked version and one year guarantee in three different phone shops we checked! Speaking of hardware, the Tecno N3 while looking sleek, also boasts of a curvy design and feels very comfy and under control when you are holding it.
The 512 MB RAM and 512 MHz processor are factors that might discourage you when buying this phone especially if you love playing games on your device. But hey, we tested several high definition games including GTA IV, Raging Thunder and Temple Run 2 on the N3 but never experienced a single lag during game play. The graphics, even though not the best — when compared to high-end smartphones — was still much very awesome, compared to the price of the device.The battery life of the Tecno N3 device was very good during our tests, a full charge kept the battery moving for 28 hours, amidst a few hours of gaming, browsing at few intervals, a few calls and text messages on both of the SIMs.

Moving to software, the stock Android browser on the Tecno N3 was not very fast even while on 3G, but the factory-included Opera Mini browser on the phone was very fast and made up for the loss.
True, if you use an Android device, you are lucky to have the very biggest collection of applications and games on your finger tips, talk of Google Play, the official application store for Android phones. Using the Tecno N3, we were able to install some top free games like Angry Birds, Temple Run, Temple Run II, Real Football 2013 et al. We also installed lots of apps.( free and paid) from the Google Play.

In terms of display, the Tecno N3 gave us a rather surprising outcome given that the LCD has only 320 x 480 pixels of resolution and 256 thousand colors. The quality of pictures we took on the device were unexpected given that the phone has only a 3 megapixel camera, no flashlight for support and not to forget, has no front camera.


With such a low price range below the mark of a hundred dollars, the Tecno N3 won’t disappoint you at all. If you can do without camera flashlight and a frontal camera, you sure won’t have much problems sliding the Tecno N3 into your pocket. The long battery life and the option for two SIM cards is an advantage this phone has above many leading smartphones of today.


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