Quick Comparison Of Infinix Zero 3 (X552) Vs. Gionee M5 Lite (mini)

Henry Ndubuisi
When it comes to making choice of the phone to go for, there are few things people do consider which includes; The price of the phone, Its spec sheet and while some do also consider Brand, some don't see that as a thing to consider Speaking of Brands, Gionee and Infinix are both reputable smartphone brands in Nigeria and beyond with lots of descent and budget smartphones rocking the smartphones market today, the Infinix Zero 3 and Gionee M5 lite (coming into Nigeria and some other African... more...January 3, 2016

Top 10 Affordable Smartphones In Africa Right Now

Henry Ndubuisi
While some top phone brands like Samsung, Blackberry, Sony, HTC, Motorola, iPhone makers Apple are busy stealing headlines around the high-end smartphones market, there's a lot of interesting things going on at the cheaper end of the market amongst some Chinese OEM like Tecno, Infinix, Xtouch and Oukitel phones No doubt everybody wants to own the best phones in the market today but unfortunately, the best ones don't come cheap and due to some financial constraints, people tend to settle... more...December 31, 2015

The Bluboo Xtouch goes under the hammer test and comes out alive, twice

Victoria Brinsley
The guys over at Bluboo have shown us that they are not flukes and really know what business it is they are getting into when making a smartphone with cutting edge technology The only cutting edge thing about this Bluboo Xtouch smartphone is not the technology it employs (which we would be talking about in a while) but rather, the price also Coming at an amazing $99 on pre-order from the manufacturer and a regular price of $149, the specs would make you nearly want to scream... more...November 3, 2015

The LG V10 specials: dual Screen, dual camera, double the fun

Victoria Brinsley
  LG's latest LG V10 smartphone is really a beauty to behold on the outside and a technological wonder to contend with on the inside It is on these high notes that this phone and its makers are riding to make the device a very huge success and all hopes are staked high Some of the 'special' specifications that can be seen on the device is the tendency for it to have double of things to which we are used to the single of For example, a device that comes with both double screen... more...October 30, 2015

Gionee M3 mini: smaller, smarter budget smartphone

Victoria Brinsley
The Gionee M3 Mini as the name implies, is the mini version of the Gionee M3 device that would be for the lower budget smartphone users Announced earlier this year, the device was finally launched from the staples of Gionee on the 12th of October With the launch came the full spec sheet of the device from the manufacturer and below is the total specs the device carries Out of the box would see you facing a 45 inch device that has its resolution set at 480 x 854 pixels and 195 ppi The... more...October 29, 2015

A quick look at the Samsung Galaxy J5

Victoria Brinsley
The Samsung Galaxy J5 is one of the newest releases of Samsung for the mid-tier and budget smartphone users and considering how the device has fared, we can say it was able to hold its own sword tight against all other competitors in this market range So, what do you say We check out what makes the Galaxy J5 so special You bet! The device comes with a screen that is baked in Super AMOLED Technology and a dual SIM functionality gets thrown on board The back of the device is covered in... more...October 26, 2015

Quick Techno-Rapsheet on the Samsung Galaxy S7

Reviews Team
The Samsung Galaxy S7 has been in the news for a while now and for all we know, a lot of information has been flying around with you not even knowing which to keep up with Well, from the things we've heard, seen, read and reported, we're bringing you a rapsheet of some sort on the device now Release Date Although this is one of the easiest things to predict about a new smartphone given that manufacturers have a certain date they stick to, its likely to not be the same this year Samsung has... more...October 26, 2015

Samsung Galaxy On5 specifications review

Victoria Brinsley
We brought to you not quite long ago that Samsung has unveiled and is planning to release some budget smartphones into the market, bringing about the Samsung Galaxy On5 and the Samsung Galaxy On7 Well, here's the full rundown of the features and specifications packed by the Samsung Galaxy On5 We aim to help you decide whether or not this device is what you want to cash your bank on Samsung Galaxy On5 The Samsung Galaxy On5 comes with a nice 5 inch of screen display as earlier reported,... more...October 25, 2015

HTC One A9 vs Apple iPhone 6S: Five Knockout Points

Victoria Brinsley
The HTC One A9 device, latest in the line of smartphones released by HTC, has finally dropped and it seems to be all we can talk about This should be expected as you don't make a claim to want to replace iPhones and expect to be out of the news With that settled, it is only natural to want to vet the HTC device for the edge it has over the iPhone device and true to itself, this device really has some story to tell Below is a list of reasons why we believe that the newly launched HTC One A9... more...October 21, 2015

Ulefone Paris 4G Smartphone Review: Checking under the hood

Victoria Brinsley
With the rate at which our smartphone markets are growing and new manufacturers are popping up here and there, the competition is getting tougher and the need to churn out higher quality of devices is now pressing Entry level manufactures as well as those that have just joined the industry but can not be classified to be entry level counterparts anymore also understand this push and they do their very best to bring us their own latests too One of such companies is the Ulefone and coming out... more...October 21, 2015