1Password All In One Access thru Fingerprint Unlock

1Password All In One Access thru Fingerprint Unlock

Just recently, 1Password is now getting update, the said update believed to be waited by most Android users that has been using the app.

1Password All In One Access thru Fingerprint Unlock

The popular have has become attractive in line with the Design style of Google, and more importantly, this time it supports fingerprint scanner in order to log in.

Whoever uses 1Password obviously know and understand how fingerprint support plays a critical part in the security, to make it more easy the app only require single password, generally people have different accounts on different sites so typing passwords one by one is a pain in the ass.

This time, you will be able to do it with the use of fingerprint scanner(only for those phone who support this kind of feature. Generally this feature will work only with devices that have Marshmallow fingerprint support, so earlier versions of device with custom fingerprint features are not supported.

The Version 6.0 1Password update has already been rolled out specifically in Play Store. It adds in support sharing passwords. So if you are not using 1Password, this is the time to look at it and understand the amazing features it offers.

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