2014 Chinese Smartphone Sales Leader Strangely Silent last 2015


Is the Xiaomi’s Mojo Smartphone Fading? Xiaomi Smartphone maker become serious on its force in Chinese market when it even overtook Huawei and Samsung as the top sales leader in 2014.
But to date, indicators clearly show Xiaomi’s fortunes have gone after that.
The company said in 2014 that they are expecting to make sales of 100 million units’ end of 2015, but March 2015 the result downward up to 80 million. Asian blogs points out that Xiaomi was very vocal about this in the start but a year after the company strangely become silent to the issue.

Analyst also expressed doubts last December as Xiaomi could even make the 80 Million goals, claimed by the phone maker chairman Mr. Lei Jun.

Looking back Xiaomi, helped ex-Google Android exec Hugo Barra, the first of its kind Android phone makers to create feature rich device with feel of a “premium” phone, yet with a price less than $400. Mi 4 Smartphone was then among the best Android experiences that were available in 2014.

The company has been accused also of borrowing from iPhone’s design known as ‘playbook’, in order to help sales even more.

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