2016 iPhones set for September release dates

iPhone 6s cover

Apple and iPhone enthusiasts would have already been having a field day with researching on when their next set of devices would be out, especially given that it’s that time of the year again when Apple enters the market and according to reports from a trusted source, we might be looking at the same release timeline as Apple uses again.

Since the year 2012, Apple has been known to release their devices in the month of September and according to trusted tipster, @evleaks, this year would not be an exception.

The new device to be released do not have confirmed names yet and it is likely that they do not carry the iPhone 7 name branding because if other reports we’ve heard are true, Apple does not wish to deviate much from the iPhone 6 designs but save the next best thing for the 2017 version of this line of smartphones.

Given that Apple loves to start its sales on a weekend and September 12 is the most likely date for release, we could be looking at a September 16 sales date for the device. Until even more substantial news pops up as regards the iPhone, we just have to sit back and watch as things unfold from here.

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