250 New Jobs in Ontorio Announced by Huawei

The giant Chinese telecommunications company Huawei recently announced that the company will spend $303M investment in order to speed up its operational expansion hiring initiatives adding as much as 250 new workers for research and development that will work in Ontario operations in the next two years.

250 New Jobs in Ontorio Announced by Huawei

The reported staffing boom expected to create huge impact on company’s operations in Ottawa, in which the company houses Canadian development and research laboratory makes up half of its overall Canadian staff. As to date Huawei employs 600 people in Canada.

Ontario operating has vibrant innovation ecosystem that the company has been proud, and being part of it in the almost six years, its employees were excited about the company’s plan to expand its development facilities and research in the mentioned province. As to date the Canadian research has contributed a great impact helping the company in creating pioneering projects worldwide, and this investment reflects confidence.

So this new company investment will now focus on development for the next generation mobile device that will be released by the market. And also it includes mobile network that will replace existing LTE to 4G technologies.

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