$300 Massive Discount For LG’s G5 Bundle

$300 Massive Discount For LG’s G5 and 360 VR Package

For those who don’t know, LG’s G5 is currently available for pre-orders on various United States based retailers, the company is offering an exciting deal that allows market to purchase G5, 360 VR and 360 Cam for only $750.

$300 Massive Discount For LG’s G5 and 360 VR Package

As the company announced G5 earlier this year, the giant South Korean technology manufacture at the same time introduced its accessories that can be integrated with the recent flagship device namely, the 360 Virtual Reality headsets and the 360 Camera, so all of them as mentioned can be bought for $750.

So the bundle price tag includes unlocked G5 with its original price alone if not bundle is $649. And the 360 camera as well as the 360 Virtual reality devices for Smartphone has a price of $200 each.

LG’s 360 VR headset fitted with two full OLED screens and can be connected to G5 using USB-C cable. The 360 camera on the other hand used for recording 360 degree videos viewed on 360 VR headset accessory from LG. Without bundle, the total price of all of them will be $1,050. However, LG’s G5 bundle deal now on preorders with huge discount of around $300.

The bundle retailer now accepting its pre-orders worldwide, and outside United States customers will pay charges for shipping. The shipment on all pre-ordered units will start this May.

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