4″ iPhone and iPad Air 3 Set to launch first half of 2016


The upcoming “iPhone 5se” will be similar to iPhone 5s, but with a bit higher device specification hardware like 12MP camera and adoption of curved iPhone 6s-style cover glass. Compared to its current iPhone 6s and 6s Plus handsets, the latest 4-inch version is not expected to possess much in terms of hardware innovations.

Less known about iPad Air 3 and “iPhone 7.” Today’s note is the first to predict Apple’s refreshed 9.7- tablet. As we know last year, Apple released A8X-powered iPad Air 2 late October, though minor upgrades in its hardware, and solid additions, were not enough to steeply declining its sales.

Kuo has insight on 2016 flagship iPhone from Apple, dubbed as “iPhone 7,” but no surprise innovations has been confirm so far. This clearly suggests that Apple is working on evolutionary upgrades in its A-series SoC technology, battery life and camera resolution and more.

As for its quarterly shipments, the Kuo models sales at 77 million in the first three-month period ended last December 2015. The number sits at midline of Wall Street expectations, below Apple’s high-side target of sales around 77.5 million units.

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