41 Billion Won To Be Donated By Samsung To MERS Research

Samsung to donate to MERS research

The giant South Korean firm Samsung is to offer $33.4 million (41 billion won) to fund a research in MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome).

Samsung to donate to MERS research

Just recently, Samsung Foundation donated $1.14 million to IVI (International Vaccine Institute) and again will give its remaining sum on the next five years.

Data shows that around 38 patients died last year on MERS outbreak, and 186 confirmed infection cases last 2015, majority of the infected patients came from Samsung Medical Center, in which the event lead the medical center to received criticism on its poor handling on the contamination. Patients and staff hospital are also affected with MERS virus resulted to a stemmed on investors on returning to Saudi Arabia.

The mentioned outbreak was then announced officially just after 218 days.

Samsung Electronics VC Lee Jae-yong made a public apology personally last June after the incident and promised to fund the research in finding a vaccine and cure on the virus.

Since the last virus outbreak, Samsung’s Medical Center applied stricter rules for all visitors and all of the patients relatives in order to limit the spread of the contaminating deadly diseases.

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