Nokia files patent lawsuit against Apple in Europe and US

​On the playing field of smartphone manufacturers, Nokia is one of the bunch that would not be deemed current with the way things are now going and with the officials of the company having announced that they would be back with a bang in the year 2017, it seems that they have already started to stoke the fire of their comeback in the most dramatic way – filing a lawsuit against Apple. 
Nokia and Apple had been in disagreements over patents for a while now and even though they have reached a common ground once, Nokia still believes Apple is yet to licence the full technology of whose patents the Cupertino based company is infringing.
Filing the patent lawsuits against Apple in the regions of United States and Europe, Nokia is said to have tangible reasons to believe that Apple is taking and using its patented ethology in places of software, hardware and other intellectual property without the proper consent of the developers and owners of the innovations. 

While this promises to be a very long lawsuit, should it go to court, or a decent settlement which would go a long way in kick-starting the company again, it is sure that this kind of publicity might just be what Nokia needs.

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