5.5″ iPhone 6 coming in December with sapphire glass

Much has been said about the upcoming Apple iPhone 6 and it’s sapphire display and stuff about the screen sizes the phone will be released in.

5.5 iPhone 6 ,4.7 iPhone 6 and 4 iPhone 5s
A few weeks ago, a report surfaced from China, suggesting that the 5.5-inhc might never be unveiled. Another one said the phone will not come earlier than the end of this year, citing screen touch sensitivity problems for the cause of the delay. Meanwhile, the iPhone 6 with 4.7″ display isn’t facing any issues, and will still be unveiled in September, both sources say.

However, a new story making rounds on the Internet today may have finally leaked Apple’s roadmap for the upcoming iPhone. The report states that Apple is running out of time for molding sapphire into the two iPhone 6 models, and will release the 4.7-inch version as planned in September while the 5.5-incher will have to wait till December this year when it will break cover with sapphire touchscreen glass, the 4.7″, void of it.

The reporter is in no way known to us before, but judging by how logical the plan looks, it’s likely Apple will go for something like this.

While the waiting on Apple is on, a Chinese company named Goophone has already cloned the non-yet-existent iPhone 6 on Android OS, and will begin selling the phone in a few days time.

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