$57 shaved off the Sony Xperia XA Ultra after 2 days

$57 shaved off the Sony Xperia XA Ultra after 2 days

We are already used to price cuts on Sony products in the United States markets but then, what we have seen as regards the Sony Xperia XA Ultra is surely a record for Sony themselves. While the Sony Xperia X lasted two weeks before $50 got shaved off the top and the Xperia X Performance could only hold down for four days before slipping from $700 to $579.99, the Xperia XA Ultra outdid both of these devices by getting $57 cheaper after just two days on the shelves.

The phone is recommended for retail at $369.99 by the company itself but now on Amazon, you could get yourself one for $312.22, representing almost a 16% drop in price under just 48 hours.

Currently, we do not know if this offer is a limited time offer on Amazon or long term so if you fancy yourself one, now might be the best time to act.

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