5G Phones coming sooner than expected

5G Phones coming sooner than expected
The era of 4G smartphones seems to be gradually drawing to its peak and tech companies seem to be planning on moving on to the next level as the CEO of Qualcomm, Steven Mollenkopf has hinted that there will be an interestingly new technology coming soon.

The Qualcomm CEO stated that that first 5G supported smartphone may not be far from reach and will be ready to meet the demands of the next-generation mobile standards.

The tech company’s CEO further stated thar the 5G connectivity option may be available as early as 2019 in mass especially in several Asian countries and in the United States.

Mollenkopf’s prediction puts the eaelier speculated timeline to be later as there were earlier speculations that the 5G technology won’t come until 2020.

Qualcomm’s CEO said: “You will see it (5G) in real devices, on the shelf, in 2019. And if I were to answer that same question a year ago, I would have said 2020.”

He further speculated a market boost for network equipment makers including Huawei, Nokia, and Ericsson in terms of revenue as well as device makers including Samsung Electronics and Apple.

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