Account Switching From Android OS And iOS Now Available in Instagram

For those who don’t know Instagram is owned by Facebook and dated to this post, it officially announced that within this month, users now can switch their accounts when they are using the designed app on Android the same time with iOS.

Instagram Account Switching Now Available

The said feature is available in the updated version the 7.15, it allows every users to enter up to as five accounts that can be logged all at once.

To do it, just simply hover to profile settings then add additional account. From the dashboard, just tap your username at top side of your profile for you to switch between different accounts. This was posted in the official Instagram post.

Once your multiple account has been activated, you will now able see profile photo that appear in places in the app so it will be easy to switch between accounts.

Days ago, this feature was announced by Instagram, confirming that they are on the process of testing this type of feature, this information was rolled out last 2015.

Instagram been inching into advertising, and make sense for most people representing companies able to switch their account from personal to corporate accounts vice versa.

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