Acers Liquid Jade 2 A Cloud Powered Device

On the last week of February, Acer announced its new Liquid jade 2 smartphone,  the latest device is run by Marshmallow with feature that we can be categorized on the high end line.

Acers Liquid Jade 2 A Cloud Powered Device

Acer’s Jade 2 has 5.5 inches display that is full AMOLED covered with Gorilla Glass. The device is fully protected with air gap in order to render sharper, more accurate colors on images that can be viewed as almost real. So the zero air gap feature of Jade 2 ensures the viewing angles of the images are good too.

Though the device was plastic made, the overall look is like metal polished, which is common to most smartphones in the market. But one thing I like with Jade 2 is its attractive chrome trim as well as the bright ‘silhouette’ that emphasizes the color.

So in general it, it seems like Jade 2 is a promising device to have, we don’t have any idea with the exact pricing or even its availability date since we are not yet sure what the device is capable of, those information are just a teasing part for us to share that it offers features like that.

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