Alcatel’s POP 7 LTE Now $130 On T-Mobile

Alcatel’s POP 7 LTE

T-Mobile offline stores all over United States are now gearing up for Alcatel’s launch of POP 7 LTE. It has been the mission of Alcatel to bring affordable device for the community to connect.

Alcatel’s POP 7 LTE

The company announced its newest 7 inch device that is powered by Android Marshmallow. For the information of the reader, Marshmallow platform brings decent features like battery life improvement, the Google Tap and lastly the improved on overall device performance via optimizations.

Alcatel currently placed as 4th ranking on mobile phone manufacturer in United States, thanks to its affordable Smartphone products. Likely, POP 7 won’t give customers “oohs” or even the “ahhs” but will get affordable device option that won’t surely break your wallet, such device most suitable for your child or even the elderly person. Even for those who have never own a Smartphone device before.

The Alcatel POP 7 LTE can be owned at a price tag of $5.42 per month lock for 24 months or you can buy the device outright. If you have T-Mobile account then you can add it for $10. The package includes 2 gigabyte data. Note that the 2 gigabytes includes Music Freedom and the BingeOn. Therefore you can watch and stream all internet video you want without losing data flow.

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