Alleged chassis for the Galaxy A5(2017) leaks in new pictures, shows metal build

Some recent rumours have suggested that Samsung is already planning the 2017 refresh for the three smartphones that it currently has in the Galaxy A line-up – the Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7. These three are usually a bunch when it comes to refreshes and upgrades and none goes without the other so it is logical again that we would be seeing new versions of every one of these next year.

Even though their names show that they are very likely to launch by next year, we might be surprised and get an announcement by the end of this year.

Galaxy A5 was the first one in this series that showed up on benchmark tests and there are new leaks as regards it now with some new images allegedly claiming to the chassis of this upcoming smartphone. It looks like a shell at best but if looked at closely, gives something to go on for now.

The chassis shows that the device would be very slim and would make use of a premium metal build. This is little surprise given that Samsung has always considered the Galaxy A line-up to be premium.

Unfortunately, there is not much that can be said as regards the device from just seeing a shell but we are surely happy that Samsung has not ditched he metal finish that hey use on this family of devices.

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