Alleged HTC Android Wear-powered smartwatch outed

HTC smartwatch

HTC is about to join the league of big boys. The group which comprises in respective order, Sony, Samsung, LG, Motorola, India’s Spice, and soon, Apple, is the number of companies with smartwatches in their names.

HTC smartwatch
A popular source who gave us insights and leaked pictures of upcoming products in the past wants us to believe that HTC has made a smartwatch which will soon be unveiled. To back up the claim, a picture was sent in.

Though we’d like to believe that HTC has made a smartwatch (notice how a name wasn’t given for the product?), the picture and details surrounding the above alleged smartwatch convince us an inch.

HTC was the company expected to rub the shine off of Samsung’s glamorous Galaxy S4 sales last year but ended up pulling a flop with the company’s flagship One which was ridden with production and availability issues.

That’s one of the many reasons why you shouldn’t you shouldn’t really be expecting a HTC smartwatch at all, especially when there’s a Sense UI-looking theme on the watch’s screen when Google clearly stated that it doesn’t want custom skins on Android Wear devices.

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