Alleged iPhone 7 packaging leak confirms 256GB variant, reveals specs


August just winded to an end and in the final days of the month, there was a leak that dropped some info as regards the iPhone 7 Plus and this is courtesy of a photograph of the back of the product packaging.

Today, another series of images can be seen which is said to show off information as regards the iPhone 7 itself. If what we have seen on this one is then anything to go by, then we should know that we have received some more confirmation that there would surely be a 256GB variant of this iPhone variant for this year too.

Also, it shows that there would be wireless AirPods in the box and likewise, there is an adapter to go from Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack.
If we consider this leak well though, we should still be taking it with a pinch of salt because the back of the device shows a label – a method that has been ditched by the Cupertino based company for a while now in favour of printing directly on the back of their boxes.

Also, the printing is centre justified and not aligned to the left as Apple would normally do. Either this is a return to the use of labels and innovation in the printing method or just an outright fallacy, 7th September is the day we find out.

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