Alleged Xiaomi Mi 5 Spotted Online

Wanqiang Li and Hugo Barra Xiaomi’s owners have confirmed that MI 5 flagship now on its way, likely scheduled February 24 and definitely shaping up an exciting offer.

Alleged Xiaomi Mi 5 Spotted Online

We have seen the phone depicted in renders and even couple of live device shots, but we are yet to glimpse its glass back, until to date. Recently, new photo claims to depict the device panel and few things stand out. The device material has pattern, which most rumors failed to reveal. And also, the part is Gold in color, makes people wonder if variants will also available as well as to go better with Black, Pink and even White, cited for Mi 5.

We have to mention that that the recent leaked panel is flat (which was pretty obvious), which does not fit well with its current info that the device back will be curved. Still two things are not necessarily incompatible, the back panel of Samsung Galaxy Note5 relatively flat when detached from frame.

As for specs of Mi 5, we had a good idea to expect, but new GFXBench listing promises full story. According to report, Xiaomi Mi 5 has 5.7 inch, 1080p display and powered by Qualcomm’s newest Snapdragon 820 SoC. Clearly contradicts 5.5″ and 5.2″ display size reports, as well as QHD resolution, that was tossed around in past.

Memory will be at 3GB for RAM and 64GB for phone storage. We also heard some rumors of another 4GB version, as well as 16GB, 32GB and 128GB storage versions, but still unconfirmed.

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