Amazing Xiaomi Smartphone Deal Under $200

As to date, it seems that budget devices starts to invade mobile market competition, cheap device at a premium experience.

Amazing Xiaomi Smartphone Deal Under $200

Last January we have seen Honor 5X a Huawei product during the last CES event last January, and this week we got Redmi Note 3 a Xiaomi product, this was another device that has setting bar for high quality level design that $200 lineup device can achieve. Like any other devices manufactured by Chinese vendor, this device cannot be in United States, so US fans will stick to Motorola for a decent cheap handsets.

But now it seems that Xiaomi is planning for another level of product in the market, and it begins with a metal build Note 3’s.

The phone might look boring, you can device camera located at the center and on the right below the right is the fingerprint scanner. This stuff is hard to tell if this was apart from current Android lineup devices. But Xiaomi is not that creative, the company is producing hardware surely makes you feel great when the device is on your hand.

Redmi Note 3 build with balance and easy to grip, it has 5.5 inches display, powered by snapdragon 650 processor, with 16 gigabytes storage and 2 gigabytes RAM, and powered by 4,050 mAh super battery.

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