Amazingly iPhone’s Best App Are Developed By Microsoft and Google

A year ago if I remember, I bookmarked an eye catching article that is worth reading. The author talks about Google taking over iPhone.

Apple outrun by Google and Microsoft

Even though that time it is clear that Android has no match for Apple iPhone, but this time that concept literally changed as Google’s service and mobile software starts to outrun Apple.

Three popular bloggers recently talks about Apple’s app and problems, and shoved an ongoing issue back to the spotlight. After reading the content it made me stop thinking about how I actually maximize the device, the post has pretty decent revelation. To make it short, I found out that today all of Apple’s best application installed on my iPhone are developed by company’s biggest rival namely Google and Microsoft.

It is interesting to note, considering the current situation of Apple app. As undeniably the company created a device that can be called the best mobile exist as of today.  But its operating system is completely adopting other sources in order to evolve.

Loyal Apple fans strongly argued that Apple’s apps were not that bad as what most people believe. The bottom line for this is that, iOS has no match for Microsoft and Google in the current situation.

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