Amazon Fire Phone sales are poor, far below expectation

It seems after all the media hype and anticipation for a ‘3D’ phone from Amazon, nobody is actually buying the device when it finally debuted.

Amazon Fire Phone sales
According to data released by Chitika, a top mobile ad network in the US, Amazon Fire Phones accounted for 0.015 % of impressions on it’s ad network, and that’s reasonably about 26,550 Fire phones, since comScore says the number of smartphones in use in the country is about 177 million.

Statistics computed by The Guardian on the numbers shows that Amazon has sold not more than 35,000 units of the smartphone, that’s far disappointing, considering the amount of buzz the phone generated even before it’s announcement in June. Analysts even suggested that Amazon should have shipped at least 2 million units by now.

Well, all that is accountable by the Fire Phone’s exclusivity to AT&T, plus it’s overwhelming $200 price tag for a two-year contract.

Amazon is known for not disclosing sales numbers, so don’t expect a shut-up-your-mouth reply backed with numbers by the CEO — there’s no numbers to present though. It’s likely the sales will continue like this, unless Amazon does something drastic like cutting the price of the Fire Phone, and or making it available to other carriers and even offering it off contract.

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