Amazon Kindle Fire 7 gets price cut in the US

The Kindle Fire 7 tablet which has to be the most basic one that was ever created from and sold from the stables of Amazon has gotten itself a good deal as it has received a price cut in the United States, bringing it down from the higher level to one of the lower to allow for more pockets to have it.


Although on a special offer, the 8GB variant of the device would now set you back just some $33.33 which is still a col 33% reduction on the normal $49.99 that it used to retail for.
If what you would want is a bigger internal storage space in your own tablet model, then good news for you because the 16GB variant is also going for $53.33 which anyone aware of the initial price tag of $69.99 would know is a good deal.

To get these devices at this price range, you could head over to either of Best Buy or the makers, Amazon, themselves and treat yourself to some nice discounts.

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