Amazon Seeks Bigger Hand In Its Android Phone Software


After flopping with Fire Phone, now it seems that Amazon dip its toe back into mobile pool. This was according to report from Information, Amazon hoping to associate with smartphone OEMs in order to deeply integrate all of its services into the handsets.

Report claims that Amazon discussed working with other phone brands at factory level in order to integrate services with all devices in deeper way than by just preloading apps.

In quintessence, retailer would like to partner phone companies which resemble Amazon’s line of Kindle Fire tablets that builds on its own. Phones loaded with full of Amazon services which encourage people to become member of the Amazon Prime.

Amazon dove into phone market once with Amazon Fire Phone, the company released last July 2014 for only $199 with two year contract, or $650 if unlocked. Around six weeks later, Amazon slashed $200 off both options and price keeps falling. Fire Phone cratered around $130 for unlocked version last August 2015, and was pulled from market after.

The Fire Phone flop resulted in people getting fired from Amazons development center in hardware, and the company took $170 million on the experiment in 2014 third quarter.

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