Android 6.0.1 On Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Slows Down Device Performance


Undeniably Android system was lot smoother in the last years, but exploring inside its apps still something that we cannot deny not always smooth what was expected should be, especially when we compare it with iOS.


The same case on Samsung’s TouchWiz UX, but, Korean giant seems have made few changes in scrolling with Android 6.0.1 beta for Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, as the scrolling inside its apps is now a lot smoother but a bit slower.

Android’s scrolling performance might not be smooth, but always been convenient for individuals who want to scroll something quickly. iOS operating systems on the other hand, keeps things at pace, which helps everything smooth.

Samsung seems taken a leaf from Apple’s book so they reduced the speed of device scrolling on Android 6.0.1, though this affects the speed which you can flick through a list. This will be a trade off, you can’t move then down quickly like before, but has little chance of stutter creeping when you are scrolling with something.

There are videos that you can actually check, some are posted on groups. You can actually find it there and know what we say about it. But this beta version of Samsung has big possibilities that will change in the succeeding update.

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