Android iMessage Biggest Reinvention that Would Change Everything


As tradition, last minute rumors sneaking their way into news before the big revelation. The android community has the idea of what we think that is coming on the market, for this time rumors says that iMessage coming to Android is intriguing.


Citing from our anonymous source, it says that Apple will be opening its iMessage application to Android platforms.  Considering the fact that this will be the biggest reinvention of service since the app was introduced way back in 2011 with the iOS 5. The application works like Apple centric WhatsApp, letting you send SMS when messaging between Apple products. So when the app was introduced, it immediately changed mobile messaging experience. Unfortunately, it remained exclusively with Apple feature.

But if the company does decide to bring this application to Android, this could be a big deal. The company has been criticized over its iMessage’s tendency to hold texting powers hostage if someone decides to move over Android, establishing that the service would obviously ease with the transition.

Importantly, both Android and Mac users could take advantage with the messaging experience between smartphone and desktop.

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