Android Marshmallow beta testing on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 to start soon

Xiaomi would soon announce its beta testing for their Redmi Note 3 that is bound to get a successor soon and this test would be on no other grounds than to start shelling out the Android Marshmallow 6.0 to these devices.

It is high time that they provided this kind of support to one of their high end devices, especially considering that the Nougat has launched and being two generations of software behind wouldn’t cut it well with users.
It was even stated that the testing should have started earlier last week but for reasons best known to the management, things have been stalled.

It would be worthy of note here that only the version of the device that runs a snapdragon processor would be getting the beta tests and there was no mention of the same kind of support going out to those that had the MediaTek version for now. This could mean that the MediaTek variant would stay on its Marshmallow, which is less likely, but what is more likely is that the latter version would be getting its own at a later date.

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