Android Marshmallow update starts to roll out to Samsung Galaxy Tab S slates


There was a time when we thought that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S slate would not be getting a bump to the Marshmallow 6.0 and by the time we would have gotten news out of Netherlands, we got a very good report that we should not believe whatever we have heard prior to that time because there would surely be a bump to the big 6.

After that, it then remained a matter of time and when it was that we would truly be seeing this update start to roll out and fortunately for the users of any of the plates of this smartphone, the update has already started to roll out.

This one is a very heavy update, weighing in at around 800MB and it is getting to the models that are using LTE models. Also, this is going to be seen on the 10.5-inch variant of the smartphone in Germany.
We expect that we would be getting this same update across other screen variants of the device soon and as an OTA update, it could take a while to get this on your own smartphone.

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