Android N Invading Smartphone Devices

For those who have not upgraded their Smartphone’s or your tablets, so better update your devices now. Doing it so allows you to experience the beauty of the latest OS, with amazing Optimizing Applications on popup.

Android N Invading Smartphone Devices

Wait, we are just starting up. So the popup card will guide users during the boot up. This depends on the number of device application you have installed on your device, for some this may take some time before every user can pass this update stage. But thanks to the new generation android development “Android N” will not let you experience that long wait.

Every day is a surprise and now Google again surprised everyone on Android N preview just last night, and we have the chance to be invited in experiencing the new journey of android development in the first hand, as the company test and experiment with its new features inside.

Personally I did not notice the change in the first place, since I used my Mac to flash the latest software manually, basically doing it so will wipe out my old data’s including my apps as well from my Nexus 6. In other words there’s nothing for my device to optimize.

But for those who have the change to register for the Beta program of android N, you can download the software and do the update and according to some of my colleague in tech review the ‘Optimizing Apps’ popup does not stay long on screen at all.

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