Another Android Virus Hit Denmark

Another Android Virus Hit Denmark

Just as today, another virus now hitting all affected Android smartphones, this recent threat was discovered by Heimdal Security.

Another Android Virus Hit Denmark

The malware was identified as “Mazar”, so the next time your received unknown text never open it! this recent virus spread via text and once the virus is activated it will forward web traffic via malicious proxy, and the worst scenario it attack sensitive data of the device even from users website history and ongoing activity.

Heimdal warns public via BBC news that the said virus already been spreading around 100k device in Denmark, and now they are tracing the start of the virus.  Unexpectedly this damaging virus can be prevented by setting your device language into Russian.

The Malware arrives in a conventional SMS msg, and if user delete the message or even refuse to click the link in which this link will trigger the virus to be activated users are still safe. One more thing this virus runs on latest devices starting from Kit Kat android version and will not work with old android versions.

Though number of affected device with Mazar still rising and security experts are now developing a code that can block its activities.

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