Another Kernel Flaw That Google Won’t Fix For Prompts Users Switching To Apple iOS’s


A recent flaw on kernel privilege escalation has been discovered in Linux kernel that requires server operators to install a certain patch, but this flaw patch will not fix majority of android users. After numbers of users switched to iOS last 2015, Google’s failure to update its user base inciting prompts users to switch to iPhones even faster.

The new flaw was discovered by Perception Point Research existed since the year 2012, long enough for it to spread vulnerability transversely to “tens of millions of Linux PCs and servers, and 66 percent of all Android devices.”

Dan Goodin noted that the flaw allows unprivileged apps to “gain permission on unfettered root access,” this includes invisible access to device camera, device microphone, the GPS location and the secret personal data.

As discovered, the flaw relatively easy to fix for desktop and the same thing with server users, but it requires kernel patch on Android that users of phones and tablets and other are unlikely to ever get.

Despite of releasing the new version of Android alongside with iOS 9, Google still reports that tiny fraction of installed base gained access to it, in contrast to 75 percent majority iOS users now on latest Apple software.

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