Anxiety mounts over MMM Nigeria “payday” 14 January 2017

Anxiety mounts over MMM Nigeria payday 14 January 2017

Anxiety mounts over MMM Nigeria payday 14 January 2017

Nigerians woke up on December 13, 2016 to hear the tragic news of MMM alleged crash. Pyramid scheme MMM Nigeria had announced that withdrawals have been suspended for 30 days.

MMM went on to announce January 14 2017 as the date when people’s accounts would be allowed for withdrawal of funds. Just as the D-day approaches, there has been anxiety over whether the monies would be paid or not.

In Lagos, Mr. Johnson Samuel told a correspondent that he will throw a party if his invested funds is returned.

His words:

“I’m one of the few people who started MMM. I’v been investing and winning for a long time before the December Freeze so I have confidence in MMM.

“I’m expecting 1 million naira apart from the Marvro growth and bonuses. I will kill a ram to shame all those who said MMM has crashed.”

A student who gave her name as Jumoke said:

“I put my school fees. If they give me the money, I’ll replace it for the person who I later borrowed my school fees.”

When asked if she will engage in MMM after the payout, Jumoke added:

“For now I don’t know.”

Francis Adenuga, who invested 200,000 naira in the system added:

“I have been talking to my fellow Marvrodians and they have faith in the system. I believe we’ll have cause for celebration soon. Long live MMM.”

Source: Somtoo Okoye blog

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