Apple adds iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone SE to exchange program

If you are one of those that would like to exchange their old iPhones every year for another new model of the brand, you can always do this for very little price compared to what the original units cost. This is because you would be able to sell the device on the internet but to do this, you would need to have the time and mental strength to deal with the hassles of selling your device on the internet.

For those that would love to take advantage of this option, there is the Trade up Program from Apple right now and this offers to you instant gratification on the sales of any unit.

Currently, new devices in the names of iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone SE have been added up the programme and for any of these devices, you can get back a maximum of $315 which you can end up using to purchase another unit from their platform.

According to the new breakdown, an iPhone SE in perfect condition would get you back $160, the 6S can still get you back some $275 while for the very top shelf 6S Plus model, you get back some cool $315.

The thing you should take note of here is that if you would be selling the devices by yourself at second hand rates, you would surely get more off it than this programme is offering but as this is instant cash, it makes it even better.

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