Apple admits that Black iPhone 7 with glossy finish is prone to scratches

When any material is made and then finished with gloss, it is very likely that it would be prone to one of two or even, two of the two things that we are about to list now – dust, and scratch. That is why when the iPhone 7 launched and two black colour variants were announced for it, this got a lot of fans excited due to the diversity in the colour options provided but the next option also raised some eyebrows and asked some questions. How would the shiny Jet Black fare against scratches and dust?

For dust, we don’t need to worry because all of the units have been equipped with special water and dust resistant technologies but it seems that even Apple themselves have no way of helping their Black unit because the Cupertino-based company has also released an official statement that stated that even though they have made the units with perfectly anodized finishes to resist scratches, the nature of the glossy finish would make this one susceptible to these kinds of occurrences from time to time.

They however advised that should you wish to buy one of these and still rock it well, you could buy one of the many cases around to shield your device. However, we ask – what is the aim of buying such a nice colour if the fear of scratches won’t allow you show it off?

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