Apple To Announce Its Latest iPhone and iPad On 21 March

What do you think smaller versions of iPad Pro and iPhone? It seems that these devices equipped with special features were predicted to be soon in the mobile market.

Apple To Announce Its Latest iPhone and iPad On 21 March

But due to ongoing Apple case with FBI the event may take later around weeks. The Apple is now preparing a press event dated March 21, the company confirmed and expected to announce their new smaller iPhone and replacement for iPad Air 2.

The event which will happen on Cupertino, California Offices, was announced by the company. So to trigger the excitement iPhone SE will be officially introduce also, the company’s late attempt to file an appeal to its customers that was left behind by the company’s move to new larger iPhones 6 and 6S.  This time, the device will be at the same size as old iPhone 5, but it contains updated internals bring power specs as what to iPhone 6.

The expected even will happen week after the original scheduled date, due to the company’s war with FBI, so they have to put week ahead its schedules, as the arguments between FBI and Apple still on the going on.

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