Apple is building first Android app

Apple Android app
Cupertino tech giant, Apple, who produces iOS-powered iPhones and iPads, is reportedly working to bring an Android app to life. It’s not everyday you get to see Apple making something on a competitor’s platform, in fact, this will be the first Android app Apple will be making even as Google has tailored a handful of software for iOS and Macintosh.

So, what is Apple building and why is it building?

Apple is in for the money (as usual). The company acquired hiphop rapper, Dr. Dre’s music service and equipment outfit, Beats Audio, for 3 billion in May last year and now the iPhone 6 maker seeks to reach out to the Android community with yet another music service.

There are no names on this music service yet but insiders tell us that Apple is planning to undercut Spotify’s pricing by offering a lower monthly rate of $7.99 for unlimited streaming of music throughout the month.

The WWDC event coming at the second half of 2015 is where the service might be launched as this is where major Apple announcements are made. Till then, let’s keep our fingers crossed and wish more crumbs of info will be thrown our way before then.

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