Apple To Buy Old iPhone

According to record, estimates of 1.25 Billion people are living in India alone. So the company believed that they might use more than one iPhone.

Apple To Buy Old iPhone

This was the concept Apple is now arguing as the company plans to open business for them to sell secondhand iPhone in India.

But Apple’s major shareholders resist for its plan to sell secondhand iPhone’s in India. The reason was that India market is hard to push as more and more companies manufacture their goods locally under the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s program.

Micromax and Samsung both popular in India are now protesting about Apple’s plan. They argue that this could cripple mobile market on Indian produced Smartphone. Another thing they also claim that Apple’s extra battery that is needed for the production of secondhand iPhone will create a negative effect in the environment.

Apple CEO says that they are trying to increase the current number. Just this year, the company filed numerous application for them to open its retails store in India s they can sell their latest device directly to the consumers. But as of now it is still on third party vendors who are authorized to sell their product.

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