Apple Will Be Charging iTunes Radio Listeners This January


Recently, Apple sent out email to all of its existing users alerting about the recent update on iTunes Radio, this is in connection to company’s response to Pandora, and will no longer free starting January 28th 2016.

All its radio station except Beats 1 will be accessible entirely to its Apple Music member, in addition listening to Zane Lowe and other Apple hired DJs will still be free of charge. But this time if you want to listen to radio stations based from artist or the type of genre you like, doing it will require you a $10 a month subscription.

As we know that there are plenty of Music stations that are hosted by expert music team, though the user generated stations are most typical. The company is offering free three month trial period for new Music customer, this was done since the premium service was on its first debuted.

The recent decision shows that Apple is now taking new pace in order to lure its customers into paying for streaming service as company engages heated war with Spotify. Company’s primary opponent not the Pandora, this move was announced Friday evening before the long weekend, also comes after Apple announced plans to pull out mobile advertising business this June.

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