Apple Chief Defies Court Order To Unlock Criminal’s iPhone

Apple’s Top Executive Officer refuses court order to unlock criminal’s iPhone.

Apple to protect every customers privacy

An open letter posted by one of Apple’s Tech CEO, that government’s demand are so chilling and they are challenging FBI with deepest respect to American democracy and love to country.

Just recently there was a case and in the end the California judge ordered Apple to assist San Bernardino investigation by recreating its operating system to disable a certain security feature that will erase all device data after ten failed password attempts. So in this way FBI can now use a narrow of password attempts in order to unlock the criminal’s iPhone 5C that was used by Rizwan Farook.

While the recent court order has divided the opinion of the public in which apple to unlock a criminal’s phone, other giant developers like Google support of what Apple’s decision on the court order.

Pichai, one of the highest paid CEOs in America, defended Cook tweets, saying, “Could be a troubling precedent.”

At the same time Koum, one of Facebook board member, posted on his social media site, in support again with Apple’s decision, admiring Apple’s stance to protect every user’s data.

Numerous tech experts supported Apple’s decision, telling that Cook’s decision is to protect customers’ privacy which is correct.

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