Apple Condemns FBI’s Backdoor Order

After government authority Department of Justice (DOJ) issued motion to require Apple to act in accordance with its request to create special software that could unlock San Bernadino shooter’s iPhone, the company just responded with the FBI’s statement.

Apple codemns Back door order

So just within statement Apple deemed that it is very unnecessary for them to cooperate by creating unlocking software, because it was impossible to change the pass code of the killer’s iPhone while in FBI custody.

Apple ID security passcode is linked to iPhone’s  handsets owned by the San Bernardino terrorists was changed just less than 24 hours after the government authority took in possession of the handset, this was said by the  senior Apple executives. So if the passcode was not just changed, retrieving the sensitive data might be possible.

Apple executives stated that they have been in discussion regularly with the government authority since January of this year, and it proposed four ways to recover the sensitive information that the government is interested with it without building any back door. And one of those it is to connect the device to a wifi network.

Until now, both sides are still in standoff arquing to different opinions and probably this saga continues and whatever outcome it may happen we will keep you updated.

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