Apple To Cooperate on FBI’s Backdoor Creation if Congress Decides

This few weeks apple has been placed in a hot seat wherein they are being asked by FBI to create a software backdoor to their service in order to recover the important data from the ISIS related shooting at San Bernadino.

Apple To Cooperate on FBI’s Backdoor Creation if Congress Decides

Apple argue that they will cooperate with FBI accessing the criminal’s iPhone that was used on the shooting incident if the congress decides, not just the court order. According to the information that we gather detailing Apple’s arguments in its debate case, the company claim that US government is improperly executing 1789’s All Writs Act forcing Apple’s term compliance.

So moving forward with the case to congress has a great impact from Apple, in which it has influence on Capitol Hill Law than courts. From the record, it shows that Apple spent $5 million lobbying in Congress last 2015 excluding the figures spend in the congressional debate that divided the issue on encryption. Boutros told AP that FBI seeking to bypass Congress because it has two houses to address legalities of the encryption in past that failed.

The Apple’s move possibly results to congress passing law requiring device manufacturers to create backdoors in order for the law enforcement to access a device in situation like this.

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