Apple defends Security Update Known as “Error 53”

Just few days ago, a certain error has been experienced by iPhone users after upgrading their devices. The security update “Error 53” that somewhat destroy thousands of units around the globe.

Apple Error 53 Update

As a recap, after users upgrades to iOS 9, number of iPhone owners found out that after getting the said error, there devices are automatically locked with no way of unlocking unlock them, and even worst no way of recovering the data inside the device.

The said error occurred as result of tampering with “iPhone’s TouchID sensor”. Unfortunately, this worst error can be triggered even by just replacing the device screen, Apple’s security concept is simple, if your device has been altered by third party unauthorized service, user then has no right to take it to an official Apple updates.

By taking your device anywhere other than Apple Authorized Service Center for some device repair automatically voids overall warranty, and leads to useless handset even just simple repair.

Apple support insist that they are doing it for total security reasons, so if a stolen device occurred and compromised fingerprint readers allows restricted access to the device is a serious risk.

“We take customer security very seriously and Error 53 is the result of security checks designed to protect our customers,” a Apple spokesperson said.

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