Apple to Develop a Tool to Help Consumers Shift Data From iPhone To Smartphone

Apple recently agreed to develop a tool that will help their consumers shift iPhone data like photos, contacts and music if they want to move it on Android.

The company now on pressure from competing mobile operators for them to make easier to switch iPhone and Smartphone’s that uses Google Android software, in it’s amid fear towards control.

We found out that Apple has secretly decided to develop simple means that will help its consumers shift common data such as photos, contacts and music if they plan to move it to Android operating systems. Telecom operators in European countries were concerned tiny fraction of clients that cannot move off its data on iPhone due to technical hassle that they are experiencing in transferring the data’s.

Operators also fear that lack of switching will weaken their hand in the commercial negotiations with Apple, in which they holds mobile industry’s strongest card in iPhone. Its popularity among affluent consumers means operators are then dependent on the supplies for their profits.

So, if the tool is on development and will be made available in the future, this will represent a momentous shift for American giant.

Recently, Steve Jobs the late Apple founder wrote that apple should “further lock customers into our ecosystem”.


European concern at iPhone’s long standing dominance. 2013 European Commission sent questionnaires seeking data on potentially burdensome commercial terms that was imposed by Apple, but is understood to have dropped the said investigation as no single operator had spoken out.

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