Apple Developing a Tool to Intergrate iOS Users To Android


Let us recall 2015 when apple made an iOS app named Move to iOS. This application allows every android user to seamlessly transfer data’s like contacts and files from Android to iOS, this method was purposely created by apply for Android user who plans to switch to iOS device. Though the process was safe but it was not well recognized by most of the Android users.

However this 2016, a report from Telegraph revealed that they(Apple Company) revealed its new app that really work, this time a tool that will facilitate the fast transfer of iOS data over Android operating systems.

Looking back this new tool is opposite to what Apple app does. It may sound weirder but, why would they want that? (Just asking)

This action might do some legal issues rather than altruistic move. But it seems that EU carries were concerned about users finding it hard to leave iOS system, there are users that are open for alternative platform, like Android at the same time they are forced to keep iOS because of integrating issues.

While the plan was not yet officially set for its launch, report points out that Apple secretly agreed to do it so, in order to avoid anticompetitive nitpick or even lawsuits. In some case if Android Users wanted to switch over iOS vice versa, the application will still be helpful.

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