Apple Disclose s Serious Problem On iOS 9.3.1

Apple’s iOS 9 had really a very bumpy ride despite of company’s claims with its new generation of iOS that focus on optimization and opposed to foremost device features.

Apple Disclose s Serious Problem On iOS 9.3.1

Each iOS release from 9.1, 9.2 and the recent 9.3 suffered significant problems. Bugs are still on it and have not improved since iOS 8.

Just last week, the company rolled out its iOS 9.3.1 in order to address serious problems that was introduced with  9.3 and this version is intended to fix the problem that caused systems major hole. Apple fussed up by Washington Times, confirming that iOS 9.3.1 has bug that enables cyber criminal to bypass lock screen security easily (these security includes fingerprint and PIN) then they can now access user’s contacts and its photos.

So the good news, the company acted to jump on bug solution in which the address without need additional software update. Instead Apple address security flaw by ‘server side’ and quickly roll out its update fix in order to fix the issue at the shortest period of time.

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