Apple event for 9th September is definitely for the iWatch

Apple iWatch event

By now you must have heard that Apple scheduled an event for September 9th. According to everyone’s predictions, it’s going to be the much awaited iWatch; and yes. We too think that Apple will unveil the iWatch smartwatch on that day.

Some analysts think that the Apple iWatch will sell massively, shooting demand for smart wearables to as high as 300 % from last year. One even said that Apple is expected to sell 30 million iWatches in the first year of the product.

Apple iWatch event
The teaser itself says 9.9.2014…Wish we could say more. What this could only mean is that Apple is holding something massive. The venue for the event is an 2,300-seater auditorium located some three miles from Cupertino where Apple is headquartered.

Asides the wearable, Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 6 at some point during the event.

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