Apple Executives Believed FBI’s Dackdoor Demand Was Dangerous

Apple executive Tom Cook highlighted his critique a day federal judge release the ordered mandating Apple comply with law enforcement experts in its attempt to break the shooting criminal’s iPhone that was used by Syed Farook.

Apple Security Fight

Officially after the phone was recovered by the suspect, the iPhone 5c was already in password lock and set to erase the stored data after ten failed log in attempts.

Based on Apple documents, recovering the data without password will be almost impossible to achieve just to break an iOS device running with the latest operating system, Apple already stopped saving its security keys with iOS 8 in order to implement encapsulated encryption method that can entangle pass key with device UID. And any fail attempt to break this encryption would have to take place on the device itself.

So therefore the validity of FBI’s bid to ask for Apple’s help is weak. The recent court order notes its officials to employ brute force attack after the recent custom software provided by Apple capable of disabling or bypassing iOS password counter. So if this software exists, code breaker still needs to overcome 80 millisecond cool down between password attempts.

Apple clearly estimates that it would take around five a supercomputer and half years just to crack its six-digit code considering with the combination of lowercase letters and numbers.

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