Apple Investigation In Filling Charges On Unlocking iPhone

Just to date, Apple is on the process to file charges those who user who unlock Apple device illegally specifically with iPhone Series.

Apple Investigation On Unlocking

Anyone who is caught will be subject for criminal investigation. In a letter that was submitted by Apple’s attorney, the company insists to stop unauthorized access to its core system. The company also stated that it will not completely stop the action but at least it will slow down.

This idea came after the October 2015 incident when Jun Feng was pleaded guilty after charged for possessing and believed to distribute methamphetamine. After being guilty, many have thought that the story ends there. But what happen next was interesting than ever, the prosecutors tried to Apple unlock the iPhone 5s of Feng so the police authority can then get some juice in the device and gathered high profile information with it.

Luckily , if Feng updated his iPhone to iOS 8, Apple may have a difficult time of accessing the device data due to strong data encryption and makes it impossible to retrieve the device sensitive data. But older versions as what Fengs phone did not have yet those upgraded data protections leaving the company to unlock when they are forced to do it legally.

So in the end as Government Authority mandated Apple to unlock the phone in order to get sensitive data about the narcotics. Apple was concerned how the extraction of its data could threat future clients and the market’s trust with its customers and could substantially tarnish the brand. The event was solved until Judge made its decision not to do it as what the company appealed.

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