Top developers invited to Cupertino for Apple Watch apps

iPhone maker, Apple, is currently inviting developers all around the world to their headquarters in Cupertino to help these developers finish off their apps for the upcoming Apple Watch.

Apple Watch lineup
While Apple was not generous enough to give out some units of this Watches to developers based on how they’ll not like the burble to burst before the official release of the smartwatch, the developers have to travel down to Apple’s HQ in order to test their apps on a real Apple Watch and to gain more experience about developing Watch apps from Apple and other developers.

So far, developers have been impressed with the Digital Crown which allows you to zoom and scroll and navigate your way around the watch. However, they are less excited about Force Touch which they say takes time to get used to. With Force Touch, the screen can tell the difference between a tap and a deep press. And the Taptic Engine vibration has elicited split comments ranging from unimpressive to super impressive. Regardless of their opinion of the watch, the developers believe that they have a tremendous opportunity to make money selling apps for the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch is expected to go on sale later this year. According to reports, LG Electronics will be supplying the flexible OLED displays used in the wearable. An analyst at JP Morgan believes Apple will sell as much as 26 million smartwatches this year alone. The figure is expected to reach about 61 million by next year.


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